Having custom badges at any teambuilding or professional development event will allow people to interact with colleagues and break the ice. It can be difficult to remember names sometimes, which can be a little awkward, especially if you work in a company with multiple branches and departments. Allowing people to design their own badge is not only fun, it's a great way for them to show off a bit of personality and really begin to build rapport with colleagues and increase the morale of the company.  

Draw Your Own Badge

When staff enter your venue you can get them to design their own badges. Everyone likes to act like a child now and again, and allowing people to create colourful badges with the odd picture will certainly get them talking. Next to the entrance, have a table with a selection of plain white card badges with safety pins or pieces of magnetic strip attached, to help people pin them on to their clothes. Next to the badges have a selection of different coloured pencils and encourage people to create their own design. Using pencil is a better option because the last thing you want is for people to end up with pen stains all over their hands and shirts. 

Famous Couples

If you really want to get people talking then provide them with a name badge depicting the name or image of a famous person or character. Your staff will have a great time mingling with other guests trying to find their partner, and it also helps you to easily pair people in preperations for further team games.


Sometimes it can be difficult to spark up conversations, and not everyone wants to talk about work all the time. Building rapport is a key component of developing professional relationships, and sometimes a chat about the latest football team or a love of food can be the catalyst that leads to more team cohesion. If you give your guests a slightly larger nametag, you can get them to leave off their name and use some colouring pencils to decorate the badge with pictures of their interests. They'll be forced to talk and ask for each others name, and straight away they can have a laugh looking at the potentially poor quality drawings everyone has created. 

In large companies with multiple branches such as gym chains and banks, you may find that professional development and teambuilding days are few and far between. However, try making the most of these events with a bit of fun, to and raise morale and make staff feel valued.